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Zeen Winter Shawl, Karandi, Khaddar Dresses 2016-17 Collection

Zeen Winter Shawl, Karandi, Khaddar Dresses 2016-17 Collection

Characterized by rich textures and colors, and a range of Zeen party brings a beautiful collection consisting of woolen shawls, karandi, Khaddar cotton, viscose and linen tunic digital collection all under one roof. This collection includes beautiful shades of kiwi green, chrome yellow, cobalt blue and rich shades of red, making an eclectic mix of clothes for you to choose from.

A combination of Victorian and modern motifs, including delicate flowers, ikat and pictures Japanese toile, patterns are beautiful. We especially love their chrome yellow with highlighted with white floral silhouettes and coupled with an Aztec shawl themed contemporary wool this dress is perfect for a cold day. You can never go wrong with blue-this collection definitely spoiled us for choice when it comes to choosing which color we want more; However, we have our eyes on their blue sky together with deep magenta flowers dripping through her dress and white embroidery By filling out this feminine look. Get your evening look on point with their elegant number of pairs in black and white with high pumps Velvet Sky and you will definitely a crowd favorite.

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