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Zara Shahjahan Winter Silk Unstitched Dresses 2016-17 Collection

Zara Shahjahan Winter Silk Unstitched Dresses 2016-17 Collection

Before non-stitched Zara Shahjahan, Silk Collection launches Nov 14, 2016. Drawing inspiration from the heritage of the majestic heart of Pakistan, Lahore, the fashion house has created stunning pieces. In a city where there is so much to see and cultural heritage to absorbed- this collection is truly dazzling.

Among the elegant harmony between Badshahi Masjid, Lahore Fort and the narrow, crowded streets and bazaars of the walled city, a romantic and glorious past blends seamlessly into the present and will be a single unique aura of this enchanting metropolitan. The complexes emphasize the aesthetic design signature brands, which is a fusion of traditional images mixed with modern cuts and silhouettes. We can not do without their Mughal inspired piece with floral motifs, indigo blues, browns and yellows majestic chrome on Islamic architectural mosaics and arches. Looking for the perfect shade of winter? Check their autumn gray number with delicate white floral pattern dripping down the front of the kameez- wear angharka style to encapsulate really feel Lahori. This range is a celebration of old world charm and modern elements, profoundly inked in Pakistani traditions.

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