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Yasmeen Jiwa Mischief Winter Short Kurtis 2016-17 Collection

Yasmeen Jiwa Mischief Winter Short Kurtis 2016-17 Collection

Conceptualized by Yasmeen daughter-in-law and his son, Maheen Bajwa and Altamush Jiwa, clothes play on the understanding of all kinds of women, their personalities and day-to-day events. There are definitely taken by powerful statement of the range aims to do as the designer opts for professional women / real work to model his clothes. The line consists of fun and funky, unique prints- including polka dots, hearts, teacups, geometries and eccentric reasons.

A vibrant and energetic choice of colors like green, yellow, blue and pristine whites, add to the playful theme of the climate. Our favorite is ‘The malice Games’ kurta- a clean silhouette with chess pawns, hearts, spades and clubs models. Each Kurti is meticulously appointed to represent the eye catching prints. The green shirt with yellow / mustard sleeve is called ‘Coffeology’. ‘The Corner Cafe’ boasts lime green sleeves to complete a surreal cafe scene. The ‘Retro Dot’ has an interesting day atmosphere with colorful polka dots and mini logos splashed across a white plain. And do not forget the ultra kurta ‘Graffitistan’ thigh with a zingy design spray paint.

yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-2 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-3 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-4 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-5 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-6 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-7 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-8 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-9 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-10 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-11 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-12 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-13 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-14 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-15 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-16 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-17 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-18 yasmeen-jiwa-mischief-winter-short-kurtis-2016-17-collection-19

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