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Wardha Saleem Winter Bridal Dresses 2016-17 Collection

Wardha Saleem Winter Bridal Dresses 2016-17 Collection

With the best fabrics and embellishments of intricate detail this collection is definitely a success in our books. A blend of Eastern techniques, ranging from traditional gota boats to cut the work and the manipulation of the fabric. Wardha Saleem has learned everything with a visually appealing capsule. The range consists of amazing festive colors like orange, deep magenta, blush pink and ivory and pops of green mint.

We especially liked the classic whole hand ornaments made with the wire work in a focus, along with melting silhouettes. The designer has beautifully mixed and matched colors to create one of kind pieces, our favorite is the lively fit together colorful to more than mehndi bride- with shades of orange, turquoise, pink and mint green with pretty floral hand made embellishments. For the bride who is looking thinner glam, the dress length ivory and gold floor is an absolutely perfect choice. The addition of bright pink fuchsia and blue to contrast the white and gold gives a chic advantage of this beauty. At the top of our list of the results and the star of the show, is the deepest mid-kameez magenta paisley and floral patterns, paired with a mint green gharara and finished with gold trimmings gifts much? so much.

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