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Warda Winter Embroidered 2pc-3pc Dresses 2016-17 Collection

Warda Winter Embroidered 2pc-3pc Dresses 2016-17 Collection

Warda Designer is a popular Pakistani clothing brand founded in 2006. It has now been included in reputable and reliable fashion brands of Pakistan to serve the best to its customers for nine years since its establishment. Having a command on the design of various types of fabrics such as lawn, cotton, silk, wollen, Khaddar and batiste, Warda designer has always surprised his fans by some unique designs and inspiring each season.

Let us help you go through the whole series for next season from this very popular hub of the fashion apparel industry. Having a closer look at this set of clothes will definitely change your mind and would like to grab all of the winter classic by this fabulous choice. Only plan for the winter shopping this weakened and begin to explore the full range of the season starting this very amazing autumn assortment of the season. Warda Winter 2016-2017 catalog was added in the following photo album making each item is displayed with all its details, codes and price tags.

warda-winter-embroidered-2pc-3pc-dresses-2016-17-collection-2 warda-winter-embroidered-2pc-3pc-dresses-2016-17-collection-3 warda-winter-embroidered-2pc-3pc-dresses-2016-17-collection-4 warda-winter-embroidered-2pc-3pc-dresses-2016-17-collection-5 warda-winter-embroidered-2pc-3pc-dresses-2016-17-collection-6 warda-winter-embroidered-2pc-3pc-dresses-2016-17-collection-7 warda-winter-embroidered-2pc-3pc-dresses-2016-17-collection-8 warda-winter-embroidered-2pc-3pc-dresses-2016-17-collection-9 warda-winter-embroidered-2pc-3pc-dresses-2016-17-collection-10 warda-winter-embroidered-2pc-3pc-dresses-2016-17-collection-11

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