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Tariq Pirzada comments about Imran Khan

Tariq Pirzada comments about Imran Khan

Channel 24 information Anchoe Syed Haider Ali requested Tariq Pirzada approximately his perspectives that What if there wouldn’t any Imran Khan in politics? The first-rate Tariq Peerzada is a Pakistani analyst or a scholar who makes theories all of a sudden as if it’s miles his last hobby. once I heard him speaking in ridiculous American accented English and i used to be additionally bowled over as to how can an fool like him be even referred to as for a sane debate.

For him the maximum cruel man in human records is Narendra Modi who was liable for Gujarat riots and killing of Muslims every wherein in Gujarat. He on television called the Indian PM a murderer and Hindus are an item of contempt for him. simply look for his movies on Youtube and you may find them pretty exciting.

Now the Indian media is not harmless in any respect and itself is a circus and full of turds who unfold lies day in and day trip however wait till you see Peerzada as he trumps all of them. He knows nothing this is why he is boastful. He is aware of Pakistan misplaced all 4 wars in opposition to India that is why he needs to be needless so that the fact does not come out.

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