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Shiza Hassan Fall Winter Bridal Dresses 2016-17 Aroos-e-Abrashami Collection

Shiza Hassan Fall Winter Bridal Dresses 2016-17 Aroos-e-Abrashami Collection

Latest collection of Shiza Hassan exudes elegance, glamor and an old school charm that just can not keep your eyes off of. The latest designer collection “Aroos-e-Abrashami” embraces traditional styles with a bit ‘of a contemporary spin. The teams are given a sense of opulence and gracefulness- this collection is definitely a success in our books. The brand creates a distinctive array of traditional designs and fusion where the old traditional techniques ages meet modern cuts.

With the aim to create collections that are timeless and reflect Asian tradition, designers same experiments with a fusion of styles, shapes, materials, textures and embellishments, plus a wide range of colors: we are introduced to midnight blues, green mint , sparkling golds, blue sky and cranberry in this collection. We have our eyes on the beautiful color combinations in the deep blue ornate coat paired with a sumptuous gold lehnga choli and mint green. The art of draping and cut is positioned at the center Shiza Hassan with each garment to be perfectly tailored and controlled by the designer herself; model a unique one of a kind piece as the top soft pastel frills exaggerated and worn with a skirt complicated plan length graced a surprising and sophisticated set.

shiza-hassan-fall-winter-bridal-dresses-2016-17-aroos-e-abrashami-collection-2 shiza-hassan-fall-winter-bridal-dresses-2016-17-aroos-e-abrashami-collection-3 shiza-hassan-fall-winter-bridal-dresses-2016-17-aroos-e-abrashami-collection-4 shiza-hassan-fall-winter-bridal-dresses-2016-17-aroos-e-abrashami-collection-5 shiza-hassan-fall-winter-bridal-dresses-2016-17-aroos-e-abrashami-collection-6 shiza-hassan-fall-winter-bridal-dresses-2016-17-aroos-e-abrashami-collection-7 shiza-hassan-fall-winter-bridal-dresses-2016-17-aroos-e-abrashami-collection-8 shiza-hassan-fall-winter-bridal-dresses-2016-17-aroos-e-abrashami-collection-9 shiza-hassan-fall-winter-bridal-dresses-2016-17-aroos-e-abrashami-collection-10 shiza-hassan-fall-winter-bridal-dresses-2016-17-aroos-e-abrashami-collection-11 shiza-hassan-fall-winter-bridal-dresses-2016-17-aroos-e-abrashami-collection-12 shiza-hassan-fall-winter-bridal-dresses-2016-17-aroos-e-abrashami-collection-13 shiza-hassan-fall-winter-bridal-dresses-2016-17-aroos-e-abrashami-collection-14

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