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Sanam Chaudhri Winter Luxury New Year Wear 2016-17 Collection

Sanam Chaudhri Winter Luxury New Year Wear 2016-17 Collection

New luxury collection of Sanam Chaudhri is the epitome of elegance and glamor. The designer never fails to create pieces visually appealing and thus conquer us every time. This range contains cuts but elegant and fluid shapes, which give off a dream, charm, tempting what is great about the design aesthetic is that it would flatter most body types and can immediately positively transform your figure.

Kaftan, dresses, suits and slit dresses are some of the styles from all Found- slightest detail with particular attention to the shape and color. We absolutely love the draping and layering feel to the ensemble, and once with a belt would be super chic and elegant. The black and blue slit dress is definitely a favorite with us, we can not stop looking at the gold embellishments rather on the sleeve. Oh, and that sultry popping leg is the icing on the cake- a guaranteed head turner anywhere. Tired of all the tunics and cold shoulders. Rightly so, since they are so last season. Sanam your person if you are looking for a sports sensually appealing appearance.

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