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Sahir Lodhi says stay away from my daughter

Sahir Lodhi Warn Bilal And Uroosa for Her Daughter

Watch this clip from Sahir Lodhi’s show featuring Bilal And Uroosa. Sahir Lodhi has a form of insufferable magic approximately him. His new movie, Raasta, is out in cinemas now, but must you cross watch it? Why did I watch it?

To me, Sahir Lodhi’s earnest, self-congratulatory, over-the-pinnacle narcissism is absolutely charming. “I’d instead get herpes,” stated a friend once I asked her to watch the film with me. I properly assumed that the problem changed into my company, not Raasta.

(some other friend, Salik, came along eventually due to the fact the ticket became on me… thank you Salik). but i used to be in for a treat. My hero Sahir Lodhi turned into no longer only the ‘hero’ on this providing, he became also the anti-hero, villain, anti-villain, director, screenwriter, manufacturer and govt manufacturer. It’s 11:15pm and that i’m prepared to move skinny dipping interior Sahir Lodhi’s thoughts.

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