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Republic by Omar Farooq Mid Summer Eid-ul-Adha Menswear Dresses 2015 Collection

Republic by Omar Farooq Mid Summer Eid-ul-Adha Menswear Dresses 2015 Collection

What keeps you going at work?

Energy is. I always try to get a very enthusiastic working environment, because it creates a drive, without which a company can not thrive. I tend to positivity of the things around me that are responsive to my senses and to draw them into my work.

Where do you think are under Pakistan’s fashion fraternity?

Republic by Omar Farooq Mid Summer Eid-ul-Adha Menswear Dresses 2015 Collection (4)

We are one of the best – hands down! Our performance remains the same, if not better, and to abide by the continuation of this kind, as we hope in the forefront and to expand. Shamoon of Khaadi is my hero, as an entrepreneur!

Share some of the recent achievements of the Republic.

It was an interesting ride for the company from winning the menswear category uniform for PIA Design and the recent nomination of the International Woolmark Prize. Moreover, Pakistan Cricket Board, the company has enlisted to design the official uniforms for the international team. Fawad Khan persistent appearance gave us considerable leverage that has accumulated hundreds of thousands of organic match with numerous questions about our products from around the country every day.

How was your experience of attending the International Woolmark Prize?

It is actually the second consecutive nomination for us. Last year’s event was in India, apart from the I missed the event and turned up 4 hours later due to visa trouble, showed me the experience of what it takes to win. This year’s nomination collection was inspired by the Silk Road. It is based on the Islamic art of the marble screens and the ‘Jaali’ and the colorful splendor of Kashmiri shawls. To sum it up, it was a great experience, but it is a concern that I would like to voice out. I want to appeal to the Pakistanis in supporting their local talent to be more proactive and take it to such events – without Pakistani member has Pakistan no chance of winning at all

How would you define your sense of style?

The ability to put the right things together defined style. I’d say to me is very preppy, very formal: a well-made, well-cut suit – it is what defines a man.

What do you think, do not know the man to men’s fashion?

The Pakistan market is very fragile, and they play it safe with their clothes. I think that they need to come out of the bubble. Use your imagination to try and dare to try new things. Fashion is not synonymous with style. Money can buy what a la mode, but not the style! Embrace your style: a blend of the art of tailoring with what in fashion. Cart, 2 + 2 add to together to throw a sophisticated look.

What’s the criteria for a well-dressed man?

Good Accessories – Handkerchiefs, shoes and socks.

Who would you describe as a well-dressed man (local / international)?

Fawad Khan and Nick Wooster

Who do you think to dress aspire?

Alaine Delon – French actor from the 60s

What’s in the pipeline?

Opening Our Karachi memory is planned for the end of 2015. With our popularity in the local market is cemented Republic in the process of opening its online store in the coming months. Our next step is following the international. We want to go on this path and expand our business.

All my next collection is internationally inspired by a Pakistani artist, Waqas Khan, who put his work on display. What with an order for his wedding suit turned out in mutual friendship and so I am going to dedicate my future work him.

In the long run, I’m trying to develop my own style and fabric that will be from then on our identity. With my time attending the Woolmark Prize I received valuable connections to suppliers in Italy, Turkey, India and China and am already in the process of creating the cloth that will define us.

Who would Omar Farooq of the man behind the Republic, if not?

Nothing at all. This is my life, my everything and I’m very happy where I am and with the plans I have my venture to go further.

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