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Reham Khan Slap Imran Khan and Try To Poison

Reham Khan Slap Imran Khan and Try To Poison

become a bid to sluggish poison 62-year-old cricketer-politician Imran Khan to grab his political legacy the closing straw that led him to divorce his journalist wife, Reham Khan? that is one of the theories making the rounds for the reason that two announced their cut up on October 30.

the two are but to divulge reasons for parting methods, fuelling a barrage of speculative reports about the divorce. Journalist Arif Nizami’s revelation about the tried poisoning mentioning intelligence assets has been a few of the most dramatic.

“Intelligence companies conveyed to Imran through his near pals that Reham’s intentions have been no longer proper. It changed into feared she ought to poison Imran to seize his party’s reigns,” Nizami told Pakistan’s information 24 channel.

His theory incorporates weight as he’s recognized sniffing out scoops and breaking news. Nizami had broken the story about Imran and Reham’s marriage in December 2014 as well as the divorce final month. In September , he stated the couple had reached a factor of no return and have been approximately to component methods.

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