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PM Nawaz Directs ask DJ Play More

PM Nawaz Directs ask DJ Play More

LAYYAH: prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday launched a broadside towards his political opponents, likening them to “enemies who’re hell-bent on halting progress inside the u . s . a .”.

“The enemies of Pakistan were sabotaging and developing hurdles in the manner of its improvement,” stated the prime minister while appearing the ground-breaking of the 1.5km long, 4-lane bridge over the Indus River to link Layyah with Taunsa —  most important towns in southern Punjab.

In a harshly-worded assertion, the prime minister said: “there’s no contrast between a lion and a jackal. Even one hundred jackals can’t defeat a unmarried lion.” He stated those claiming to make a new Pakistan rather made Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa appearance older. without naming PTI chairman Imran Khan, Sharif said: “Our warring parties are used to throwing abuse on a day by day basis, but we do not reply inside the same language. How come abusers come to be leaders of Pakistan? They can’t even control their tongues, how come they may lead Pakistan?”

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