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Phatyma Khan Winter Luxury Pret Wear 2016-17 Collection

Phatyma Khan Winter Luxury Pret Wear 2016-17 Collection

The designer is releasing a new range of luxury pret items featuring one of a kind chic ensemble perfect for parties if its a fancy brunch or a glammed evening, this collection is the same order with a selection of contemporary shapes, colors feminine and beautiful detailing.

Phatyma Khan is best known for its passion for creating elegant sets with creative techniques of manipulation of the fabric, fascinating colors and delicate embellishments. With the goal of providing the latest fashion trends for its customers, the designer creates exclusive dresses created for the modern woman. The color palette includes peachy pink, mint green, shimmering gold, gun metal gray, whites and blacks elegant serene. Gharara of, high-low hems, jackets, flares, tulip and cigarette pants are. We especially liked the ensemble tea rose with a silk finish and ornamental mint green, complete with an oh so trendy fringe detail. If you’re looking to make a statement, opt for the midnight blue and black number, highlighted with floral embroidery in gold and silver paired with gold pants and ragged heels to really make your outfit pop. Fashion an even fashionable feminine look with piece of mint cotton net, embellished with delicate lace and frills and our favorite lemon yellow pants gharara.

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