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Outhouse Stallion Winter Formal Necklace Sets 2016-17 Collection

Outhouse Stallion Winter Formal Necklace Sets 2016-17 Collection

Add some sparkle to your look this winter with Outhouse jewelers latest collection. With the desire to channel their creativity into something unique- Kaabia sisters and Saasha Grewal brought Outhouse jewelry to life. Using their experience in the design of jewels, the duo has produced ‘The Stallion’ necklace collection a festive dish that celebrates the powerful femininity and individuality of the Outhouse woman. line ‘The Stallion’ is an ode to everyone’s favorite this season- oh so trendy choker.

The collection features a wide range of high-quality materials which create a one of a kind necklaces, including fine suede, velvet and semi-precious bronze set with sparkling crystals and pearls. With a palette of eclectic colors of pink plush Oxblood and emerald greens, these necklaces can be dressed down for a day event or glammed for a soiree evening. We have our eyes on the beautiful pearl and gem stone round neck, perfect to dress up a casual outfit. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement to opt for the chic gold fringe necklet- pair this beauty with dark denim and a white top classic and you are set. Or even more, if you’re trying to be the belle of the ball, we suggest the gold necklace geometric stud with an elegant bow to the front this could really make your look. Outhouses versatile designs are definitely a drool worthy wardrobe essential-check the fabulous one of a kind necklets below and choose your favorite.

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