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Nabi Ki Sunnat Apnai aur 4 Kilo wazan Week Mai Kum Karay

Nabi Ki Sunnat Apnai aur 4 Kilo wazan Week Mai Kum Karay

This food plan is not most effective that will help you shed pounds, but also allows you to advantage in deeds and improves your spirituality.

The prophet (pbuh) become described to have had no stomach even at the age of sixty three and said weight problems is the foundation of sickness, modern medicine has the same opinion. The message of Islam provides us with the solution with all our problems and this includes dropping weight. All you need to do is follow the sunnah.

the quantity of food:

The prophet (pbuh) said the more serious vessel the sons of adam fill is their belly, and encouraged that we ought to best consume when hungry and never attain satiety. Al hamduallah he (pbuh) did not depart it ambiguous but defined the quantity of meals we have to devour, the minimum being the amount we require to ‘keep our backs instantly’ and most being ‘the 1/3 of our stomach’. alas for many of us it is very smooth to understand our whole abdomen to be our belly, which of path is not genuine. The belly can at most contain a litre of liquid, which means that at most we need to eat an amount of food which if liquidized ought to be around 333ml!!!

times for food:

inside the sunnah it’s far cited that there may be no time whilst you aren’t allowed to consume, besides for the duration of prayer or even as fasting. The prophet (pbuh) had soaked dates first thing within the morning, which will be taken into consideration breakfast. There are also hadiths that mentions that he ate salads after Asur prayer. there’s additionally the command if food is prepared and it’s time to wish Isha, to eat first. other than that there may be no strict addherance to sure instances, and consequently in different times it’s far approximately eating while hungry.

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