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Marvi Memon violently with Nabeel Gabol

Marvi Memon violently with Nabeel Gabol

PPP’s leader Nabeel Gabol compares prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif with Ajmal Pahari and Saulat Mirza.

Profile :– 
➢ Marvi Memon is a dynamic and nicely knowledgeable businesswoman who hails from Pakistan. Marvi’s dad and mom – Her father, Nisar Memon was a great flesh presser and senator from Pakistan.

Training :–

➢ For her training, she holds a B.Sc. in Economics and Honors in global relations. She has completed her studies from special cities – Karachi, Kuwait and Paris.

Early career & expert life :–

➢ She worked as a Banker in Citibank Pakistan and her function became specialised in marketing and quality management for the customer bank. before joining this bank, she had performed her internship at Dwan, Pakistan.

➢ but, she also had entrepreneurial abilties which helped her in launching Pakistan’s first satellite tracking system. She became the a hit entrepreneur inside the MNC and changed into recognized because the youngest girl CEO.

Contribution to Pakistan :–

➢ Marvi is an intellectual lady & has advised the President on the media affairs and later became an consultant on investments.

➢ In an interview, she stated that she can paintings with all kids as they are the future. She believes that kids have notable imagination and imaginative and prescient & can rework any device and soceity.

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