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Man Arrested by London Police Outside Oval Stadium

Man Arrested by London Police Outside Oval Stadium

Pakistan won the tournament after beating comprehensive response archrival India. I have been a knife has been taken into custody by armed police outside the parliament gate.

The suspect, wearing a gray hoodie and black pants, vehicle detained by the railing in front of the gate and was searched by three officers, and four or five other officers patrolling the nearby area. Witnesses told the Guardian man was Tasered. Reports that the officers shouted “knife, knife, knife”. Police say it is not declared a terrorist incident, but are investigating Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command. Because of this location and the current high level of planning a terrorist attack at Westminster on March 22, jihadi attack. Meeting in a statement said: “This so it is too early to understand the excitement is not declared a terrorist incident. However, the location, the conditions and the recent tragic events, the MPS Counter Terrorism Command It will investigate the incident. “I was on a mission of terror as we are open-minded.” After finding the man, the officers was carrying a plastic bag containing a belt and mobile phone and the suspect and driven away from the police car. Metal barriers immediately blocking public access to the floor in front of the building, was put in place well before the Houses of Parliament.

Huddled by tourists looking to see obstacles, but the man was led parliament was re-opened when the door was allowed to pass after about 45 minutes.

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