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Maheen Karim Winter Bridal Wear 2016-17 Jashann Collection

Maheen Karim Winter Bridal Wear 2016-17 Jashann Collection

A power house of creativity of the designer is known for his passion for creating innovative and opulent sets for the sophisticated elegance woman. This wedding wear merger is a rich blend of oriental ornaments and as a modern trend shapes, forming a unique group.

Maheen provided the brides with a sanctuary where they can access quality formal glamor for their special day. The palette includes deep, rich winter colors, including shades of red, gold golds, teals palaces and delicate shades of pink. ladies you are sure to find one of a kind hand crafted ensemble fit for royalty. Shaped by the supremely beautiful Sadaf Kanwal, we especially love the style peplum hi-low hem line full of intricate embellishments and paired with an elegant tulip shalwar- the perfect outfit statement. At the top of our list of results is beautiful embroidered with floral, made of finer, decorated with black and gleaming hand gold working precise fabric must have for your wedding outfit.

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