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Khas Winter Chiffon 3 Piece Suits 2016-2017 Collection

Khas Winter Chiffon 3 Piece Suits 2016-2017 Collection

Gear up for a great shopping with the brand new collection of chiffon Khas 2016-17. With unique trademarks assume that incorporates modern techniques and eclectic for their collections Khas designers love to experiment a wide range of prints, drawings and color combinations to create one of a kind dresses totally I adore you. Using feminine silhouettes and floral fun imagery mixed with patterned chiffon their latest collection is definitely a must have for the winter holiday season.

This collection the Khas team has really worked their magic to bring you a collection that is perfect for day or night events; if you are going to a Sunday brunch or a release Friday night their last line of chic ensembles are a wardrobe staple. Culminating with delicate embroidery, fresh colors and detailed finishes on the best fabric Khas has designed this collection for T. Using a palette of colors that would meet the needs of all, including pistachio green, majestic purple, midnight blue, ivory white and preferred all black-the beauty of this collection speaks for itself. We love their intriguing take on the very popular flared trousers with chevron organza details and a beautiful mint green kameez full of delicate magenta and pink embroidery tea. We need to talk about their super elegant ivory dress with a shaded thigh high slits and straight Pants- this is definitely on our list of results. No matter the occasion Khas has created something special for the fashion needs of all; check the drawings below and get shopping.

khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-2 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-3 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-4 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-5 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-6 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-7 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-8 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-9 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-10 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-11 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-12 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-13 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-14 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-15 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-16 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-17 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-18 khas-winter-chiffon-3-piece-suits-2016-2017-collection-19

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