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Gul Ahmed Winter Linen 2pc-3pc 2016-17 Collection

Gul Ahmed Winter Linen 2pc-3pc 2016-17 Collection

Gul Ahmed is a leading fashion house in Pakistan, which was founded in 1953. Entering the market by far, the fashion hub has been coming up with the best ever produced from women wear unstitched and stitched fabrics, PRET Wear, Prato, cotton and man Kahddar wear Salwar Kameez and unstitched, eveningwears, partywears, magazines and much more. This piece of writing will separate the new arrivals autumn and winter, which are as petty as expected.

The post will cover all collection lines introduced by the brand this year. Gul Ahmed Winter 2016-2017 Collection has finally been released to cover a wide range of prints and drawings in unique patterns. new collection of the brand is as usual composed of multiple sets of dealing in different categories. These new winter clothes are stylized with best ever prints and embroideries on the best quality stuff. Your fall wardrobe can be updated in the best way considering these newcomers who are not only beautiful, but trendy. The following section contains separate photo galleries where all these assortments are presented separately with their price ranges in rupees. Just scroll down and go through these wonderful array. Leave your comments in the comments section.

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