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Girl Dies After A Tree Falls

Girl Dies After A Tree Falls

خاتون اینکر پر راہ چلتے درخت گر گیا، اینکر اس وقت ہی جان بحق ہوگئی، سی سی ٹی وی فوٹیج نے خوف پھیلا دیا

A young girl died after her death, when she hid in half the help with Hawkak and fell down when she celebrated the birthday of a friend on a camping trip.

The 15-year-old Joel Dalalagal was sleeping in Redtop Mountain Estate Park in Cartorail in Sri Lanka when the night tree fell. He had been reported to the hospital immediately after a bad skull, bad spinning and brain swelling, and the dead was announced on Sunday afternoon. Joel’s death mourned his entire high school and left annoying memories for his friends who had encountered this tragedy. After his death only a few hours, Jail’s friends had gathered in a building at the camp, sent the memories of the girl whom he called ‘one of the happier people,’ who easily snatched away. Coach Kent Simmons, who tracked the trail for two years, trained his track. ‘Joel was one of the most pleasant and pleasant people’. She loved laughter and joking crush easily. Everyone loved his soul and in the way he could immediately feel comfortable around you. Joel’s mother wants her daughter to remember for her ‘fierce laughter and a beautiful soul and soul’.

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