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Farah Talib Aziz Eid Luxury Pret Collection 2017

Farah Talib Aziz Eid Luxury Pret Collection 2017

Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the new Farah Talib Aziz collection. The FTA Eid Luxury Pret collection makes the breeze easy to wear silhouettes for everyone, from traditional pieces to contemporary pieces, to soft shades of redness to show the mustard nuances: three pieces to match in a suit, the collection includes a variety of options. Pink tone printers in pink tea give us great spring / summer vibrations.

Coupled with delicately printed trousers and a delicate pink pastel, we definitely see this dress appearing in our summer wardrobe. Whether it’s a lunch or a tea, accessorize with a statement earrings and a funky clutch, you can easily wear this dress at each event. The shades of yellow are all the rage this season – another dress that has taken our eye is the look of mustard 3 pieces; We totally appreciate the bow tie tie trousers that can be easily worn with other chic tunics. The color combination is perfect for the summer and the brilliant color shots add an extra edge to clothing; This is a total victory from our side. Surprisingly after examining the breath collection you do not want to miss, you’ll be there at Farah Talib Aziz’s Karachi show on Saturday, May 13 at the FTA Luxe Pret Boutique at E Street Clifton to get these super graceful ensembles.

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