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Blocked Textiles Winter Handprinted Dresses 2016-17 Collection

Blocked Textiles Winter Handprinted Dresses 2016-17 Collection

The line has an eclectic mix of styles and meticulously hand-printed block prints. Although the ancient craft of block printing has always been an important part of fashion in the sub-continent, the designer focuses on lengthening the art form incorporating innovative modern motifs and combining them with fresh colors and fabrics, for a distinct and sophisticated design aesthetic.

The range offers one of a kind dresses, ideal for keeping your winter wardrobe looking for unique and trendy. Taking inspiration from nature, ‘Earth’ adopts the color scheme from the warm colors, natural and earthy that are well suited for the coming months. From random basis kurta wear of the cutting edge for peplum tops them have something special in Serbia for the individual tastes of each. Look super chic in their short white tunic and blue indigo upper highlighted with paisley and stripes blocks and pair it with a pair of stylish jeans or even flared pants. Fashion a unique take on the appearance shoulder out with their completely hand appliqued jacket made by skilled artisans from interior Sindh, detailed with the reason funky fish printing this as a favorite with us. If you are looking for an intelligent call out of service, then opt for the base of the kurta printed with triangles along the neckline complete with a small block of gold shimmer.

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