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Amir Liaquat Makes Fun misbehave with Guy

Amir Liaquat Makes Fun misbehave with Guy

While it is perfectly true that during live transmissions it may be ‘difficult to control crowds and guests who speak their mind-sets,’ this excuse absolutely does not apply to this particular episode.

Social media is over again flooded with outrage at ‘Dr’ Aamir Liaquat – our nation’s main televangelist. for the duration of an episode of his morning show Subh-e-Pakistan, aired on Geo television on December 22, certainly one of Liaquat’s guests, Syed Arif Shah Owaisi, used inflammatory language to accuse the Ahmadi network of being answerable for terrorism within the country consisting of the Peshawar attack.

To nobody’s surprise, Liaquat applauded the cleric’s hate speech. On December 27, an Ahmadi became shot lifeless in Gujranwala. such a collection of activities is not new to Liaquat’s television career. In September 2008, he promoted similar hate speech on his Geo television display which turned into followed with the aid of the murders of 3 distinguished Ahmadi leaders inside  days of the printed. Neither Geo tv nor Liaquat ever apologised for his or her role within the incitement of anti-Ahmadi violence.

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