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Actress Reema what she did for Baby Boy

Actress Reema what she did for Baby Boy

بچے کی خواہش،معروف پاکستانی اداکارہ ریما2سال تک کیاکرتی رہیں

Pakistani actress Reema Khan wishes sincerely no introduction. She is one of the exceptional, talented, a success, and exquisite actresses of Pakistani film industry. for plenty many years, Pakistani actress Reema Khan ruled the movie enterprise.

The beautiful and formidable Pakistani actress Reema Khan were given married to health practitioner Shahab Tariq more than one years ago. She isn’t most effective an actress, but additionally a flexible film manufacturer. after getting married to the well-known health practitioner, Pakistani actress Reema Khan settled overseas.

She has told to media in more than one interviews that wedding doesn’t suggest that she is now out of her country. She loves Pakistan loads and likes to be here every time she unearths some time. The famed Pakistani actress, who married American cardiologist Tariq Shahab in 2011 and moved to the united states soon after, has yet to expose any information about the beginning of her son.

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